Friday, January 30, 2009

A Better Me

i cant imagine being complete now! i been thru a lot of things in my life, been to a lot of trials, been to a lot of sacrifice. but finally I’m fulfill now. yes my past helps me a lot to be who i am and where i am now. sometimes God will test you with thing that hurt you, but it doesnt mean GOD don’t love you, but everything that GOD allow to come our way has a purpose. HE even uses the greatest mistake and the deepest hurt to mold us into a person of worth and value. we may never understand his wisdom but we simply have to trust his will, cuz He knows what best for us! I almost question Him for things happen to me on my past, i ask him why me? why not those person who use someone and have bad intentions, why do i need to be hurt and be mis treat that all i do was to loved and be nice. Now i know why? he just want me to be strong and a better person, a better wife , a better mom, a better friend and a better daugther. i may not a perfect person, but i fear God above all, i may hurt people in my past, but it bcuz they hurt me too. but with all those feeling i have, i did try to forgive them, though they never ask forgiveness, as how God forgive our sins. now i can say to all the people that i am finally complete.
i am very much happy with the life i have now, i have my loving husband with me, who always there in anyways. his the very wonderful man i met in my life, were not rich, but were rich of something that we can give to each other which is real love. were rich of good values and principles that life can offer to us. and were rich of the love and happiness that our SON can give to us. we both blessed to have him, we never planned him to come but we never regret having him in our life. he brings to much joy and love to all of us, his just a God’s gift that make us very complete. his our everything and his our life…" mommy and daddy love you so much James, were always here for you"
i thank God everyday i woke up, having all the blessings we have, and having the two boys in my life, they are nothing to compare with all the things i received, they are my everything. thank God for the new beginning and new life u gave to me, this nothing to compare with. i love you GOD!
I’m just sharing u my life now and how bless i am with everyday. life is to short lets make the most of it. it may hard at the beginning but it will be full of surprises at the end…God has a better plan for all those who have kind heart. you will see it and u will feel the love He has for us! thanks for reading my blog, I’m not used to make blog, but I’m doing it for my hubby and for my son, to let them know how proud i am to have them in my life…

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thanks for the high technology.

I been here for 2 months and so, I met few friends already where I first knew thru Friendster for many years too. I am glad when I arrived here these friendster I have on my list welcome me here in my new place Boise, Idaho. It is always a nice feelings when they show eagerness to be friend of you. I am happy to be a member of Friendster, and able to interact with people who i will be friends of in the future. I may not see them often since they are busy with family and work but we guys able to chat and talked in the phone. I am also happy to met someone here from Boise by accident, I was browsing online and read some topic about a Filipina who swept away by a wave,that's where i met my new friend. It is a very wonderful feelings to know someone from the same homeland, it makes us feel where home and makes us feel where not alone. I am hoping this friends i met were stay for long. Thanks that we have a high technology now a days, it lead us to met friends online.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What can we do when something bad going on our homeland?

I was chatting with my mom the last 3 days, when she told me that they having a heavy rain. We are still talking about the recent flood near at my aunt's place where some of my cousin help to rescue some kids. I can hear the heavy rain from outside our house in Philippines, I can tell how heavy it is by only hearing it. My dad called my mom don't have any idea why, then all of the sudden my little brother pop up on the cam and said " Ate (means elder sister) water is coming inside our house, oh no Ate" I was like is this kids telling the truth on me? or he just making fun only? Then my mom came and told me that the water is already in our kitchen, and the water on our garage is like a pool already, the water got inside our car too. I can't believed what mom telling me now, since I never experienced those kind of disaster in Cagayan de Oro ever since, I was worried and I feel bad, cuz i wasn't there to help and know what going on. The power shut off, and it makes me worried a lot, i cannot see what's going already. So I texted mom and she said there trying to do everything to stop the water from coming inside the house, but yet it did come. Being here far away from them feel me totally helpless, the only power I have are my prayers, and thank GOD they safe. Then only things we can do when things happen this way is to pray for them, is more powerful than some other things.

Friday, January 9, 2009


These are just some of my important things to work this year 2009.

  1. My AOS = Adjustment of Status = Green Card and EAD
  2. Driver License = Will be having a driving lesson soon.
  3. My son US citizenship
  4. Certificate = need to take short course and then continue when I got the job.
  5. Sent my Son to Kinder
  6. Vacation = God's will

I do hope that all of that few things will be reach within this year will get over.

FiRsT B-dAy HeRe

Last Jan. o4 was my first bday here in my foriegn land. I thought i would be more happier now since I have my husband with me this time, but I still feel some emptiness here inside my heart. I miss my family back home. I miss there hug and kiss during this day od my life. I miss them bad. Mom and dad dress our kicthen and mom made a spag Jan. 4 there which is Jan. 3 here, we were online and having a voice webcaming chat. And that's make
feel special.

Mom invited us to have lunch outside, they pick us up then went to Nampa around 35 minutes drive from Boise. They greeted me, they hug me and they sung happy bday while in the road. When were in the resturant all wiatress come over in our table and let me stand on the chair and make me dance while they sung OMG look like i wanted to be mealted. Oma hand me her tiny bday gift still wrapped in xmas gift :), I open it and it's my Black Gold Hill ring. " Thank's Oma". Mom hand me her basket of wonderful nice flowers with a letter in it, when i read it, it was a driving lesson package " OMG" :) I feel I'm not ready yet. " Thanks Mom, dad, and nobert" .

I already got hubby bday gift for me a Wii karaoke " thanks for that Bie" and a song for my son and a bunch of happy bday mommy and a bunch of kiss from James. " thank you my little poopsy".

I thank God for giving me other year to live with my family here, my wish is for everbody that both side of my family will be always safe and procted by GOD. They may all have a good health specaily Omma. I ask God to make my family intact and feel love everyday. That's what most important things i wanted in this world. I am happy with what I have already.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcoming 2009

I may late posting my new year happenings in here, but yet i would like to express how new year in my foreign land. For me nothing compares in New Year's in Philippines. We just had some chicken salad, some fried pork chop with bread cramps , rice some few fruits in the table with yema i made. Really look like a ordinary day here last Dec. 31 waiting for 12 Am to see fireworks outside, i was surprised that i only seen few, like 4 in the sky. I was like where are they? Then it makes me think that new year in Philippines is better than here. Even the ordinary jeepney driver will have a fireworks ready to met the new year. I told hubby why is that? For me New year is more to be celebrate than other event this foreign land have, bcuz it means GOD given us other year to explore and to live. Will that's how they believed, so i respect that.

Jan. 1 my family and Alex family went out for a new year lunch, we see each other and ate, we celebrate new year by eating and shopping, mom was also surprised she told me she cant believed that no fireworks woke her up. She also told me that fireworks here is expensive. There at Germany they celebrate New Year with full of color's in the skies, sound Philippines. So after were done eating we went to mall and shop, mom , dad and oma shop for us, look like Christmas is not over with us. They got me a new lovely white winter coat and a long sleeve pink blouse. And James a toys. We transfer for other mall and Oma called me and brought me to a jewelry section, she asked me what ring i wanted , i told her why? i don't need any.But she said please its my bday gift for you. I got too much from them already since i arrived here, and i don't want and need anything anymore, this family i have here is just such a very generous human being I ever knew in my life, to think they only have me and James for just few weeks yet. So I choose one, i choose a little ring with small stone to think that it may cost not much, but when we paid for it i feel bad, look like it cost much for me, even they have 25% off. Now i got a new ring from Oma.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Travel Channel

Last night me and hubby was watching a tv, were watching the show called " Travel Channel " . I was happy seeing that they featured Philippines on that show. It was all about filipino's foods and delacacy we have. Watching it made me miss the Philippines even more, seeing those filipino food like RM( testes of a cow/horse), Balot ( broiled egg w/chicks inside), Isaw ( chicken, pig intestine) and in my surprize they also show my especialty dessert called Topioca ( pearl sago). Then also visited some beautiful places like Palawan and it's beaches, caves and some farm. OMG I miss them all and while watching it I feel so proud of our nation. Philippines is just one of the best country foriegners needs to visit.